Short Mat Presentation Lunch 30 July

Short Mat Presentation Lunch 30 July.

The Short Mat Bowlers from Holsworthy were able to meet and hold their Prize Giving Lunch at the Junction Inn Halwill on 30 July. The Cups awarded were for competitions entered and won during the 2019-2020 season.

The awards were presented by Rose Chetwynd Vice President of the Club and they included two Hot Shot awards presented to two of the three person teams. (Hot Shot awards are made when each of the Team members score maximum points with their woods during one end. In this case nine in total.)

The day was cold and wet and the meal was a very welcome choice of one of three roast meats or nut roast followed by traditional British puds.

Pictures of the presentation are shown in the picture gallery.

Results from our Teams; Mens

27 July 2000 Cup Holsworthy (A) 51 (5pts) Stratton 40 (3pts).

G.Smith, N.Kulisa, B.Reynolds won 21-7.

J.Betteridge, D.Kulisa, D.Finch drew 13-13.

M.Priest, D.Trout, R.Hunt lost 17-20.

10 June 71 Shield Holsworthy 73 (10pts) Bradworthy 62 (4pts).

S.Bryan, P.Martyn, R.Slugget won 22-10.

C.Brown, D.Webb, M.Down lost 23-25.

N.Kulisa, D.Finch, B.Thomas won 16-13.

H.Watts, R.Hunt, B.Reynolds lost 12-14.

15 June 71 Shield Holsworthy (A) 58(4pts) North Tawton 65 (10pts).

P.Trible, G.Smith, D.Finch. won 21-11.

J.Betteridge,D.Webb,M.Down lost 6-22.

S.Bryan, P.Martyn, R.Slugget. lost 12-25.

J.Parnel, H.Watts, C.Brown. won 19-7.

Results from our Teams: Ladies

Ladies Competitions.

27 July Stamford Holsworthy 41 (4pts) Stratton 27 (0pts).

P.Smith, M.Beckford, F.Reynolds won 16-12.

A.Davis, P.Trout, J.Dalziel won 25-15.

29 July Stamford Holsworthy 26 (0pts) Bradworthy 36 (4pts).

A.Davis, R.Chetwynd, J.Dalziel lost 14-15.

P.Smith, S.Bridger, F.Reynolds lost 12-21.

21 July 86 Shield Holsworthy 34 (4pts) Okehampton 32 (2pts).

S.Langford, R.Chetwynd, P.Trout won 25-15.

J.Dalziel, C.Weston, P.Hancox lost 9-17.

23 July NDLTL Holsworthy (A) 42 (4pts) Victoria Park 21 (2pts).

S.Bridger, C.Weston, P.Hancox lost 13-16.

S.Langford, R.Chetwynd, P.Trout won 29-5.

8 July 86 Shield Top Club.

 Holsworthy (A) 29, 3 Rinks won Great Torrington 10, 1 Rink won. 

Two Wood Singles S.Langford won 16-7.

Four Wood Singles J.Dalziel won 21-19.

Pairs R.Chetwynd and P.Trout lost 17-18.

Triples S.Bridger, C.Weston, P Hancox won 29-10.                                                                                                   

 9 July. NDLTL Holsworthy (A) 41 (4pts) Bradworthy 24 (2pts).

 S Langford, R Chetwynd, P.Trout won 26-8.

S.Bridger, C.Weston, P.Hancox lost 15-16..3

2 July NDLTL Holsworthy (A) 41 (6pts) Bideford Strand 30 (0pts).

P.Smith, S.Langford, P.Trout won 19-14.

S.Bridger, C.Weaton, P.Hancox won 22-16.


HBC host West End Indoor Bowling Club (Southampton)


On Sunday 13 June Holsworthy Bowling Club welcomed West End Indoor Bowling Club for the first match of their Devon mini tour. Basing themselves in Illfracombe  WEIBC will also play Bradworthy and Great Torrington.

The Sunday was a beautiful day and the match was set up to be played with four rinks teams and two triple teams.  Holsworthy came out winners with a shot count of 101 to 80. Pictures are available to view in our Galleries pages.

The Holsworthy players who participated were;

M. Hibbard, S. Bridger, C. Brown, P. Martyn won 19-14.

T. Hutton, D. Trout, D. Kulisa, P. Trout lost 8-19.

J. Parnell, A. Davies, Harry Watts/ Peter Trible, P. Hancox won 19-7.

P. Smith, G. Smith, J. Dalziel, B. Thomas lost 17-18.

N. Kulisa, D. Finch, F. Reynolds won 27-8.

A. Andrew, S. Langford, M. Down lost 11-14.

Barrie Thomas President of Holsworthy Bowling Club welcombed Pat Fisk the captain of WEIBC at the start of the match and presented her with a small trophy to commemerate their visit. All at HBC wished their visitors an enjoyable stay in Devon and good luck in their next two matches.                                     


Come and play

Covid-19 – Conditions of play from 24th April

To ensure we are compliant with all the current regulations we have drawn up a set of guidelines and rules, specific for Holsworthy Bowls Club and it will be mandatory for all bowlers to follow these rules. All casual games must be pre-booked with Janice Dalziel. By booking a rink time you automatically agree to abide by these rules which must be followed by all of us. If at any time the guidance changes we may be able to expand on what is possible.

Ring Janice Dalziel (Club Secretary) on 07515 546466 to book a rink. The booking line will be open from 23rd April during the following times only. Monday/Wednesday/Friday between 9.30am and 11.30am.
Play will only be possible if you pre book. Please let Janice know who you are playing with. If you need to cancel please let Janice know, otherwise the £2 per person will apply. Subject to weather and the Green keeper’s discretion 3 rinks will be available between 12 midday and 8pm. You may only play on the rink allocated to you/your group .Rink markers will be in place and should be left there after your game. You will be given a two hour slot. This is to include changing shoes pre and post your game and taking care of the appropriate sanitation of equipment, locks, handles etc.


Due to the County and National matches not commencing until June , the Committee has decided to introduce a 2 instalment subscription fee this season. First instalment of £40 due by 24th April, second instalment  of £40 due by 20th June. The club competitions are being held between May 4th and June 20th, and to participate in these members must have paid the first instalment.

Green fees will remain at £2 per session per player and fees will be collected at the end of the season as per 2020.

Entry fee for Club competitions also remains at £3 per discipline.

Government Advice

All members should stay up to date with the full government advice and be aware of any changes this may involve; it is your responsibility to observe and obey this as well as the Rules set out here. The over 70’s and/or those with underlying health or shielding conditions, particularly those who have received notification, are still advised to stay at home as much as possible although outdoor exercise including bowls is allowed. We recommend any member in these categories takes extra care and attention, should they choose to play, and all other members show them every extra courtesy possible. If you are in this category and interested in playing it may be possible for us to allocate some quieter times of the day with fewer players on the green. If this is of interest please let Janice know on the number above. It is essential at all times that members not from the same household remain at least two metres apart from other players.


Members will only be able play as follows. By themselves, with members from their own household, or with up to 5 other persons from outside their own households (no markers) or a combination of these. The maximum number playing on each rink is 6 with a maximum of 18 on the green at any one time. Non members are not allowed to play and no spectators are currently allowed. The 2 metre social distancing should be observed.

Health and wellbeing

Do not go to the club if you, or anyone in your household, are experiencing any coronavirus (Covid-19) symptoms, any flu like symptoms, a cold, cough, or high temperature or are feeling unwell in any way. Do not touch your mouth, nose or eyes and smokers should not smoke within the club estate. Do not lick your fingers nor clean your woods with your bare hands.

1. Arriving at the Club
Travel only with members of your own household or on your own. Do not arrive in the parking area more than 10 minutes before your booked time and remain in the car until your booked rink is free. Please touch as few surfaces as possible and use the ramp for access if you would normally use the handrail by the steps.

2. Play and preparation
Please bring some hand sanitiser / and wipes with you and clean any surfaces you touch. Change your shoes either on one of the benches or in the changing rooms, whilst keeping two metres away from anyone not from your own household.
Two jacks should be used, one for each end of the rink. These should be cleaned before you start your game and afterwards. One player should be nominated to move the jack and it should be placed in position. Please also clean your woods before and after play, do not touch the woods of other players with your hands.

Rink numbers will be placed by the Green keepers and should be left in place after your game. 

Only spray chalk is to be used and any measuring should be done using the nominated players own measures. Do not shake hands, high fives or exchange hugs before, after or during your game. Please bring any food or soft drink you may require with you as well as a bag to take away the empties, rubbish, and used wipes. The dress code is smart casual; if you prefer to wear club colours please feel free to do so.

3. The Clubhouse & Storage Sheds
 The Clubhouse is open for use of the toilets and changing rooms only. Only the equipment store should be accessed for playing equipment.

4. Emergency Use of Toilets & First Aid Box
The toilets should only be used if it is absolutely essential and special protocols will apply at this time. Full information is shown on the toilet doors. In essence this means the following. Only one person is allowed inside the building at any one time. You should ask one of your playing partners to stand outside the building until you have exited it. You need to use the wipes provided to clean seats and surfaces before and after you use them paying particular attention to any you touch. Do not put the wipes down the loo, put them in the rubbish bin provided. The same applies should you need access to the first aid box. Please note the club mobile ‘phone will be located in the entrance lobby, next to the first aid kit.

6. Playing Formats
This is covered under limitations above. This may vary from time to time depending on Government advice.

7. At the end of your booked session
When you have finished please return and sanitise the playing equipment and return to the shed. If yours is the last game on the green please lock any open doors. 

Looking after yourself and others

These Rules and guidance reflect the current situation and it is in all our interests that they are obeyed by all of us at all times. We are now able to get out on the green again and enjoy some bowls. Hopefully as the months go on the rules will be eased and we can enjoy our bowls even more.

Back to Bowls

Dear members

Bowls England have issued “Return to Play” guidance rules, based on the ongoing liaison with the Government bodies.

Step 1 commencing 29th March

Outdoor bowls can resume with restrictions to groups of 6 unless an organised match. No access to clubhouse/buildings other than for use of toilets

Step 2- commencing 12th April

Bowlers will be able to use changing rooms, travel to local clubs and outside catering/hospitality is permitted.

Step 3 commencing 17th May

Bowlers can congregate in larger numbers in an organised game and inside catering/hospitality is permitted with restrictions.

Step 4 commencing 21st June

All restrictions lifted

Therefore the Committee can confirm the green will open on Saturday 24th April, with a program of internal competitions and leagues. The changing rooms and toilets will be open for use by members but the kitchen and hall/bar will be out of bounds. There must not be any congregating of players in these rooms or access points.

Bowlers can arrange ad hoc roll-ups with no more than 6 players and keeping at least 1 green from any other players. Games organised by the club can have more players on the green. i.e. teams of 4

As County/National matches will not commence until June 21st the club captains are planning to hold the usual club competitions between 4th May and 20th June with finals at the end of the season. Dave Webb is organising 2 weekend leagues (mixed) for Saturday and Sunday afternoons. If there is sufficient interest we organise regular games for mid-week.

To reflect the restricted number of matches in the first half of the season the Committee is introducing 2 stages of payment for subs., £40 due by the 24th April and a further £40 due by 21st June. This will enable the club to pay the required affiliation fees to County/Country.

To take part in the club competitions members must have paid the first instalment of subs. and the Treasurer or deputy will be available on 24th April to collect payments.

Payment for the club competitions is separate and collected by the captains or their deputies.