SCBU Cheque Presentation 2018

On 11 October representatives of four local bowling clubs met at Bude, this year’s winners, and presented a cheque for £539 to Ian Roome of Over and Above, the fundraiser for SCBU. The unit looks after newborn babies, who need special care, from areas around each of the four clubs.

The four bowling clubs, Bude, Stratton, Bradworthy and Holsworthy played each other on a home and away basis, with all monies raised being paid to The Special Care Baby Unit. Each match involved 11 players from each club in a singles, pairs, triples and rink format.

This year’s competition was won by Bude who finished with 34 points, the same as Holsworthy, but shot difference of one meant they were victorious.

Chris Brown, from Holsworthy (the competition co-ordinator) said ‘ We started this competition in 2003 and including this year’s donation we have raised £6080 to date and will be looking to add to this in years to come. All the clubs enjoy the friendly nature of the competition and the chance to raise money for such a valuable local resource.’

Ian Roome from Over and Above said ‘Thank you for this cheque and the other funds you have raised over the years. The unit looks after babies from each of the bowling club areas. Donations such as this are ring fenced and really do make a difference enabling specialist equipment to be purchased over and above what is provided through the NHS. This is of benefit to the babies and their parents who use the unit’.

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