Short Mat General Information


Dear All,

Now the outdoor season is drawing to a close, its time for the club draw up guidelines for the safe playing of short mat bowls in the clubhouse.

Covid-19 has not gone away and we can therefore only open in a controlled way that ensures we maintain social distancing and best practice as far as hygiene and safety are concerned. We will have to comply with the guidance issued by England Short Mat Bowls Association (ESMBA) and apply for a “licence” to prove we are taking all precautions. The Secretary is in the process of completing all these formalities.

However once we open the clubhouse there will be protocols to be observed very similar to those in force for outdoor play. The key ones are very limited numbers of bowlers permitted in the bowls hall at any one time. Currently it is 4 but it is hoped this will increase to 6 soon. There will only be 1 mat laid out so 6 would be the maximum we like to play in normal circumstances.

Also all players will need to pre-book their session, to control numbers and to maintain track & trace records.

The full document  will be published on the website once we have approval to open.

The Committee has decided that the subs. for short mat this season will be £20 and £1 for each roll-up session. We still need to heat and light the hall .

We hope to draw up a timetable of organised sessions so players can organise their diaries and pre-book their slot. This will be published on the calendar page of the website once we can open.

Whilst the Committee has tried to cover all relevant points in the guidance document, we welcome all practical comments and suggestions.


For news, competition and league information please visit the North Devon & North Cornwall Short Mat Bowling Federation website.


Short Mat Results


Elms (afternoon Div 4)

Lakes (evening Div 1)

Alan Wright

Willows ( afternoon Div 4)

Rivers ( evening Div 1)

Mary kent

Oaks afternoon Div 6)

  Tony Stephens
Club Competitions    
  Winners Runners Up
Open Singles S.Langford B.Beckford
Ladies Pairs

J.Dalziel S.Bridger

S.Langford P.Smith

Mens pairs

C.Brown. G.Smith

M.Hancox, D.Finch

Open Pairs

M.Hancox S.Bridger

S.Langford. J. Dalziel

Mixed triples

C.Brown, C.Weston, P.Smith

M.Hancox, R.Chetwynd, S.Bridger

Jollow Shield CANCELLED  
Yelland trophy CANCELLED  
Rio Trophy M.Beckford J.Crockford
Birdie Comp CANCELLED  


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