HBC host West End Indoor Bowling Club (Southampton)


On Sunday 13 June Holsworthy Bowling Club welcomed West End Indoor Bowling Club for the first match of their Devon mini tour. Basing themselves in Illfracombe  WEIBC will also play Bradworthy and Great Torrington.

The Sunday was a beautiful day and the match was set up to be played with four rinks teams and two triple teams.  Holsworthy came out winners with a shot count of 101 to 80. Pictures are available to view in our Galleries pages.

The Holsworthy players who participated were;

M. Hibbard, S. Bridger, C. Brown, P. Martyn won 19-14.

T. Hutton, D. Trout, D. Kulisa, P. Trout lost 8-19.

J. Parnell, A. Davies, Harry Watts/ Peter Trible, P. Hancox won 19-7.

P. Smith, G. Smith, J. Dalziel, B. Thomas lost 17-18.

N. Kulisa, D. Finch, F. Reynolds won 27-8.

A. Andrew, S. Langford, M. Down lost 11-14.

Barrie Thomas President of Holsworthy Bowling Club welcombed Pat Fisk the captain of WEIBC at the start of the match and presented her with a small trophy to commemerate their visit. All at HBC wished their visitors an enjoyable stay in Devon and good luck in their next two matches.                                     


Short Mat Presentation Lunch 30 July

Short Mat Presentation Lunch 30 July.

The Short Mat Bowlers from Holsworthy were able to meet and hold their Prize Giving Lunch at the Junction Inn Halwill on 30 July. The Cups awarded were for competitions entered and won during the 2019-2020 season.

The awards were presented by Rose Chetwynd Vice President of the Club and they included two Hot Shot awards presented to two of the three person teams. (Hot Shot awards are made when each of the Team members score maximum points with their woods during one end. In this case nine in total.)

The day was cold and wet and the meal was a very welcome choice of one of three roast meats or nut roast followed by traditional British puds.

Pictures of the presentation are shown in the picture gallery.

Results from our Teams; Mens

27 July 2000 Cup Holsworthy (A) 51 (5pts) Stratton 40 (3pts).

G.Smith, N.Kulisa, B.Reynolds won 21-7.

J.Betteridge, D.Kulisa, D.Finch drew 13-13.

M.Priest, D.Trout, R.Hunt lost 17-20.

10 June 71 Shield Holsworthy 73 (10pts) Bradworthy 62 (4pts).

S.Bryan, P.Martyn, R.Slugget won 22-10.

C.Brown, D.Webb, M.Down lost 23-25.

N.Kulisa, D.Finch, B.Thomas won 16-13.

H.Watts, R.Hunt, B.Reynolds lost 12-14.

15 June 71 Shield Holsworthy (A) 58(4pts) North Tawton 65 (10pts).

P.Trible, G.Smith, D.Finch. won 21-11.

J.Betteridge,D.Webb,M.Down lost 6-22.

S.Bryan, P.Martyn, R.Slugget. lost 12-25.

J.Parnel, H.Watts, C.Brown. won 19-7.

Results from our Teams: Ladies

Ladies Competitions.

27 July Stamford Holsworthy 41 (4pts) Stratton 27 (0pts).

P.Smith, M.Beckford, F.Reynolds won 16-12.

A.Davis, P.Trout, J.Dalziel won 25-15.

29 July Stamford Holsworthy 26 (0pts) Bradworthy 36 (4pts).

A.Davis, R.Chetwynd, J.Dalziel lost 14-15.

P.Smith, S.Bridger, F.Reynolds lost 12-21.

21 July 86 Shield Holsworthy 34 (4pts) Okehampton 32 (2pts).

S.Langford, R.Chetwynd, P.Trout won 25-15.

J.Dalziel, C.Weston, P.Hancox lost 9-17.

23 July NDLTL Holsworthy (A) 42 (4pts) Victoria Park 21 (2pts).

S.Bridger, C.Weston, P.Hancox lost 13-16.

S.Langford, R.Chetwynd, P.Trout won 29-5.

8 July 86 Shield Top Club.

 Holsworthy (A) 29, 3 Rinks won Great Torrington 10, 1 Rink won. 

Two Wood Singles S.Langford won 16-7.

Four Wood Singles J.Dalziel won 21-19.

Pairs R.Chetwynd and P.Trout lost 17-18.

Triples S.Bridger, C.Weston, P Hancox won 29-10.                                                                                                   

 9 July. NDLTL Holsworthy (A) 41 (4pts) Bradworthy 24 (2pts).

 S Langford, R Chetwynd, P.Trout won 26-8.

S.Bridger, C.Weston, P.Hancox lost 15-16..3

2 July NDLTL Holsworthy (A) 41 (6pts) Bideford Strand 30 (0pts).

P.Smith, S.Langford, P.Trout won 19-14.

S.Bridger, C.Weaton, P.Hancox won 22-16.


Outdoor Competition Results 2021


                                       WINNERS                         RUNNERS UP


Over 60’s

Open Singles

2 Woods




Mixed Triples

Open Pairs

Mens Pairs


2 wood singles

4 wood singles



Mary Bailey




Short Mat Results 2020/21


                                             WINNERS                            RUNNERS UP

Open Singles

Ladies Pairs

Mens Pairs

Open Pairs

Mixed triples

Jollow Shield

Yelland Trophy

Rio Trophy

Birdie Comp