New Covid-19 Lockdown.

New Lockdown Rules. 

With the introduction of the new Covid-19 Lockdown all short mat roll ups are suspended from 5 November 2020 until further notice. The clubhouse is closed and should not be entered by members. As soon as we are advised that play can be resumed members will be advised.

Short Mat 2020 Season

We have now successfully achieved “Safe Bowls” status from ESMBA and are cleared to start playing short mat but in a numbers restricted format and in accordance with the appropriate guidelines. Updated Club guidelines can be found on the main short mat page and on the link below.

Now we have “Safe Bowls” status we can start playing roll-ups. However Covid-19 has not gone away and we can therefore only open in a controlled way that ensures we maintain social distancing and best practice as far as hygiene and safety are concerned. We have issued updated guidance rules which are obligatory for all players to observe. These remain challenging times and we hope you will be able to enjoy “Safe Bowls” within the guidelines that we are all obliged to follow until further notice.

We are not permitted to run competitive bowls and each session is restricted to 1 hour. In order to facilitate a balance of playing time for members we have introduced Structured  Roll Ups. These are (currently) in two roll up groups; Group 1 and Group 2. Time slots and dates for these sessions are shown on the calendar. Each player is limited to three woods. These Structured Roll Ups are currently full however should any member be interested in participating in a third group please let the Secretary know. We are currently looking for players for Monday afternoon and evenings to form Group 3.

At this time we do not wish to encourage single person roll-ups due to the cleaning requirements after the session has finished.

All roll-ups are pay as you play.



Holsworthy Bowls Club Guidance document